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We take ownership of IT problems, use the information you have given us on how your company runs and solve the problem with that in mind. ” the buck stops here” when it comes to mantis support. With mantis, there is no more passing blame on other technologies for your outages, lack of innovation or loss in efficiencies.

  • Cloud based – so we can help you anytime, anywhere

  • Any number of devices – The work place is changing so are we

  • Local – We are always available for in person issues and meetings

  • Recovery – Things go wrong, we have a plan and execution

  • Remote monitoring – designed to prevent problems first

  • Real-time backups – We have the best back solution available

It is what we do

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Support leads to Productivity

Everything stars with ownership of the problem, we strive to take every problem off your hands. We have listened to our customers and the last thing they want to hear is “that isn’t our problem”. If your problem includes multiple vendors, solutions, or departments we handle all of the communication. we will act on your behalf calling and orchestrating a solution. This allows your owner, office manager or even end user to focus on what they do best while leaving the IT headache behind. Our studies have show this can drastically increase productivity.

Protection leads to Stability

We hate fear mongering when it comes to security. Our solutions inherently make your systems more secure through design, automatic patching, and remote monitoring. Security decisions after that it is about risk assessment and making the best decision for your business. We work with our clients to understand their risk adversity level and find a solution to fit them. We usually layer different solutions for a more cost-effective approach.

Communication leads Efficiency

We have saved the companies we have worked with tens of thousands of dollars on average. This is due to their IT not being inline with there company. Value based companies can find savings while IT can drive other company to more innovation solutions with the same amount of commitment they currently have. We commonly negotiate merchant services, cell phone, voip, Internet, cloud and many more contracts. The key is communication and understand what your company needs and what it doesn’t. We strive to find where you want to go with your company and find ways to help get you there.